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Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson

Friday, 07 June 2013 18:04

Healing Our World and Ourselves

Many of you are aware that we sponsored The Healing Our World and Ourselves conference last February. ( Irene Keim of The Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth, ( ) recently wrote a review and summary of the conference. Both the Space Coast Progressive Alliance and the Treasure Coast Progressive Alliance were represented. Enjoy.

On Saturday, June 8th from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m., Rev. Kevin Annett will be speaking at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brevard. Kevin is co-founder of the International Tribunal into the Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), which initially focused on crimes against humanity in western Canada committed against the Mohawk and six other Native North American Nations. Kevin will not only share his painful and heroic story, he will also describe how the colonization

Sunday, 07 April 2013 21:44

Maintain Local Control

SB972 removes local control. We need to retain local control of our communities when ever possible. Please study this issue.

Transportation Planning
SB972 — 1000 Friends of Florida continues to OBJECT to this bill because it curtails local governments’ ability to deal with transportation impacts associated with new development.



Wednesday, 06 March 2013 10:55


From where do we derive our rights as people?

Is it from the government, the constitution, or the bill of rights?

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 10:11

The Committee

The notes from the committee that met before the final draft of the constitution can be found at James Madison's notes give us a picture of the minds of those who formed the draft of the constitution and in some cases the minds of who sent them, the people they represented.
Reading Madison's notes is much like hearing the conversations of a committee that writes or rewrites a church's or non profit's by-laws. They meet discuss, edit,

Friday, 11 January 2013 09:07

Dreams & Dream Interpretation-Free Workshop

On the way to fishing with my brother and my son I shared a dream I had the night before. I was in the boat and could not tie a Palomar Knot, this is a fishing knot that we use all the time. I tried and tried but could not tie the knot. Without this knot the fish will escape. My brother said, “No, way. I had the same dream two nights ago.” How do we make sense of that?

On January 19th we will put Jerry Gifford to the test. He is offering a dream interpretation workshop on that day. Read more for details...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 07:12

Antonin Scalia Defends- Poor thinking skills

Antonin Scalia Defends Legal Writings Some View As Offensive, Anti-Gay

Some thoughts about:

1)"It isn't a living document, "It's dead, dead, dead, dead."

2) "interpreting laws requires adherence to the words used and to their meanings at the time they were written"

3) "There's nothing in there about abortion. It's up to the citizens. ... The same with the death penalty."

.......... If you have ill -moral feelings toward that which exists,



Saturday, 08 December 2012 08:16

The Globalization of Addiction

Bruce Alexander Author of the book, The Globalization of Addiction, will be speaking and teaching at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brevard, 2185 Meadowlane Ave, (at the end of Helen Street)on Sunday December 16th.

West Melbourne, FL 32904, from 10:00 to 10:50 and will be speaking in the church service that begins at 11:00. Two new songs by DockStreet about the Rights of Nature and Addiction will be introduced.

Come join us in exploring this different perspective on addiction and recovery.

Bruce Alexander's web page on his work is



Alito is correct if corporations have the protection of the Bill of rights.  Over turning Citizens United is not enough. Remove person-hood rights from business activities  completely.

Wednesday, 07 November 2012 22:07

Blue skies

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

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