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See below for the text of a Feb 5, 2010, US Treasury Department press release requesting cancellation of all of Haiti's debts, and a request to international monetary organizations to cancel their debts as well and to provide future aid in the form of grants instead of loans. This is a good and necessary start, but we need much more ...

FL DEP is proposing to reorganize Florida water classifications to allow new categories that would not be clean enough for swimming. ACTION INFO HERE.

Michael Moore's film *Capitalism - A Love Story* reveals that FDR planned for health care for all and more. This is news to most of us!

The process of naming is an important aspect of human evolution, the formation of language, culture and understanding the world in which we live. GVW 5
Economic democracy requires a well-boundaried system, not a closed system, The Klingons seem to be closer to the truth in cross-cultural engagement. GVW 4

More analysis of the "Fair Tax"

Sunday, 27 September 2009 17:20
Thanks to someone who wishes to remain anonymous for sharing!
Last minute Department of Labor regulations will slash wages, make it easier to hire foreign workers, and reduce worker protections under the H-2A agricultural guestworker program.

case studies

Sunday, 27 September 2009 17:12
two current events-- one in the small Indian village of Plachimada and the other in the small village of Santo Domingo Ixcatlan, in Oaxaca, Mexico. GVW 3
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