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This post is a review of The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander. It is related peripherally to campaign financing because there are powerful economic forces who thrive on the nightmare presented in her book, and which will spend mightily in political contributions and lobbying to prevent any change. The book is a powerful one, and I recommend it for all SCPA members.

Dr. Jay Mandle, of the board of directors, has written an important new book on one of the Space Coast Progressive Alliance's core issues - Clean Elections. Creating Equality: American Elections as a Public Good demonstrates the need to treat elections as a public good, just as we do the national defense and the interstate highway system. Our current privately financed political system cedes the power over elections (and government policy) to corporations and other wealthy special interests. SCPA has donated a copy of the book to the Brevard County Public Library. Members can reserve the book and it will be delivered within a day or two to the library branch of your choice.

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