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Tuesday, 24 January 2012 09:53

The "People's House Featured

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The Capital Building in Tallahassee belongs to the citizens of Florida and not to politicians and high-priced lobbyists.


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The <a href="/">Capital building here in Tallahassee</a> has often been referred to as the "People's House", and I couldn't agree more. The members of the <a href="/">Florida State Legislature</a> are occupants of the house that we as citizens of the state of Florida own. Those members of the Legislature that we send to Tallahassee are there to work on the behalf of all voters and their families, and the building they work in, belongs to us. I encourage all Floridians to visit "their" house and their representatives here in Tallahassee or in their district offices. The representatives and their aides I have spoken to so far in my visit seem genuinely glad to meet the voters they represent. It is important that voters be aware of all legislation being proposed, because any laws passed here in Tallahassee has a direct and lasting impact to voters lives back in their districts. If any voter cannot take the time to come to Tallahassee, <strong>they must make the time</strong> to visit their representatives district office. Voters should educate themselves on proposed legislation and then make their representatives aware of how they feel about those proposed bills.

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