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Monday, 26 April 2010 10:12

Fair Districts Debate, Real-time on the House floor

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I've just spent a few minutes over lunch listening to the floor debate on HJR 7231. This is the bill by which the legislature hopes to add a third redistricting amendment to the 2010 ballot. In the first two minutes I heard this damning evidence against the new amendment (unfortunately I didn't catch the representative's name who made the statement). He reported on an exchange with a lawyer hired as the legislature's expert consultant, during earlier hearings of the Rules and Calendar Committee.


Representative: If all three amendments (Fair Districts 5 and 6 and the HJR 7231 proposal) had been in effect a decade ago, would the current districts stand up under a legal challenge?

Legislature's Legal Consultant: Yes

Representative: If only Fair Districts 5 and 6 had been in effect, would the current districts withstand the same legal challenge?

Legislature's Legal Consultant: No.

Therefore, by testimony of its own consultant, the effect of the proposed amendment would be to deny the protections against gerrymander abuse that would be provided by Fair Districts Amendments 5 and 6.

If the minutes of that hearing are available, it might provide source material for a very effective Fair Districts ad.

Fred Markham

Clean Elections Committee Chairman

Space Coast Progressive Alliance

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