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Tuesday, 15 November 2011 19:10

Occupy Melbourne Update Nov. 15

Written by  Randall Parkinson


Updated Nov. 17, 2011

Randall Parkinson
Occupy Melbourne Florida
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Occupy Melbourne Florida’s Sixth General Assembly Yields Agreement on Numerous ‘Direct Actions’

During their sixth meeting, roughly 20 members of the group Occupy Melbourne Florida agreed to continue their Friday evening demonstration from 4:00 pm until dark at the intersection of US 192 (West New Haven Ave.) and Evans Road as a means of showing their support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. In addition, the group voted to support several other ‘direct actions’ including:

Occupy Space Coast’s weekly sign waving on the corner of 520 and Courtenay Parkway every Saturday beginning at 10:00 am

We are the 99% - to be held at the Palm Bay Road Fire Station (2144 Palm Bay Road) on November 17th between the hours of 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. This event is part of a national action designed to draw attention the decay of our public schools, infrastructure, and social services.

Support local businesses during the holiday season– plans are underway for a 4-mile march to begin at the Melbourne Square Mall and end in downtown Historic Melbourne on Black Friday, November 25 (corrected date!).  The purpose of the march is to encourage Melbourne residents to patronize local businesses instead of the ‘big box’ stores during the upcoming holiday season.  According to the organizers, this march will also be a means by which to measure support for establishing a long term occupation site like those in New York, Oakland, and across the United States.  A special Working Group is already conducting a review of potential occupation sites in Melbourne, Palm Bay, and West Melbourne.

Occupy Melbourne Florida has also established other Working Groups to expedite direct actions, record and distribute meeting minutes, and communicate with police departments. A local attorney has volunteered time and is currently providing legal advice to the group.

For general information on Occupy Melbourne Florida, contact Randall Parkinson or visit:
Facebook –
Wordpress – (website- for static info)
For Direct Action information as listed herein contact Mandy Elliott at 407-952-6520 or go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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