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Sunday, 04 August 2019 20:56

The Rise of White Supremacy in the United States

Written by  Bob Serody

“Hispanics will take control of the local and state government of my beloved Texas, changing policy to better suit their needs,” the manifesto said. It added that politicians of both parties are to blame for the United States “rotting from the inside out,” and that “the heavy Hispanic population in Texas will make us a Democrat stronghold.”

This is how the killer at the Walmart store in El Paso stated his intentions in a manifesto within a half hour before he committed mass murder. This kind of language could have come from President Trump in his anti-immigrant tirades. Three mass shootings have taken place in one week – Gilroy, California (4 killed, 19 injured), El Paso, Texas (20 killed, 26 wounded), and Dayton, Ohio (9 killed, 27 injured). Prejudice and hate are emotions that can be used to promote random violence against innocent bystanders. It would be a mistake to think of these as isolated incidents. The perpetrators find and communicate with each other on the Internet. These hate groups have been asking each other, “What was your score?”

How do we prevent this type of violence?

  1. The hate discussions among White Supremacists are not free speech and have to be called Domestic Terrorism and recognized as such by the FBI. The FBI is tasked with investigating and stopping international terrorism, but the agency is forced to call plots involving domestic terrorism ‘free speech’. Therefore, the FBI cannot head off domestic mass killings. Congress must get involved to change the interpretation of the Constitution with new laws when it comes to limiting the meaning of ‘free speech’.
  2. The President is adding fuel to these tragedies. When looking at how hate groups talk on the Internet, it is very similar to the weekly hate speeches given by Donald Trump. While hate groups are a part of our society, they have been incited to take direct action at an unprecedented rate by the words of the President. There is only one way to stop him, and that is for Congress (including the Republican Party), to begin an impeachment inquiry immediately in the House. It is past time for Nancy Pelosi to give her blessing to House Democrats and for Mitch McConnell to call the Senate back into session to consider impeachment of the president for his contributions in raising the hate level of these white-national movements since his election.
  3. Congress must also recognize that it is time for assault weapons to be banned and magazines limited to a small number of bullets. A buyback program should also be implemented to remove assault weapons from public possession. We are the only western country faced with this gun-shooting epidemic.  
  4. Call your members of Congress and ask them to condemn the hate speeches of Trump at public rallies. Advocate for new legislation to remove assault weapons and do away with the ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ in Florida. Also call Democratic members of the House who have not climbed on the Impeach-Trump bandwagon and demand an immediate inquiry on impeachment.
  5. Nobody is born with racial hatred. It is a mental disease, which is taught. This emergency must be recognized at the national level and federal funds appropriated to help cure people with this disease before they cross the line.
  6. Social media like Facebook and Google bring various groups together with common interests, including those that are political1. Facebook uses groups to enable easy targeting by advertisers. The views of like-minded people tend to get more extreme over time. These common beliefs reinforce each other. At this point they provoke outrage at perceived enemies, and then they become vulnerable to manipulation. That means that a human troll with an army of digital bots (software robots) can control a large emotionally engaged group. Facebook claims it is merely a platform on which others act, and it is not responsible for what third parties do.
  7. A very important way to prevent this type of violence is through public education, where American history is presented objectively. The history books issued to public schools have been sanitized to such an extent that our children don’t generally understand how to relate the past to the present. Our history must also include how our ancestors struggled to overcome greed and racial inequality. It must be a realistic history of the United States.

The vast number of people who use Facebook also makes it a virtual monopoly.  The profit motive is unacceptable as an excuse because Facebook is responsible for the ability of Russian hackers to meddle with our elections. Facebook also has a responsibility to curtail the rise in domestic terrorism by modifying its platform to minimize this threat. It is therefore imperative that Congress imposes regulations on Facebook and applies new antitrust laws to remove these types of attacks.

From the tragic events in just this past week, many Americans are grieving for their loved ones. We must strive to safeguard our security, both domestically and abroad, by convincing our elected representatives that we have had enough violence. It’s time to take corrective action.

1 Zucked – Waking up to the Facebook Catastrophe; Roger McNamee


 Bob Serody is a member of Space Coast Progressive Alliance.

*ED. NOTE: The views expressed here are solely those of the author. SCPA does not endorse candidates and welcomes commentary on a wide range of issues, including political campaigns, local, regional and national. If interested in contributing commentary, please contact SCPA

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