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Thursday, 07 March 2019 12:33

In Memoriam: Candy Green and Spencer Wold Featured

Written by  Team SCPA

Dear SCPA Friends,

Candy Green died peacefully last week at the William Childs Hospice in Palm Bay. After she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, she committed herself to devote her limited time to what she felt was most important in her life. After her daughter and grandchildren, it was SCPA. As you know, even while very ill, she came to meetings and did as much as she could to help us in our mission to fight for and educate the public in a just, sustainable and egalitarian society. 

Those of you who visited and watched over Candy during her illness gave her great happiness. She loved you all.

Right now, a memorial service is being planned for springtime in Old Lyme, Connecticut, where she lived for many years before moving here. I don't know what is being planned in Melbourne, but watch for her obit, or a note from me.

Bonnie Ida

Ed. Note: Candy served over the years as SCPA Vice President, Treasurer, and a valuable Action Projects Committee member, and will be sorely missed.

Florida Today's Britt Kennerly wrote a very nice article about Candy last year. Please read it here: Florida Today




We've also lost a lively and creative member, Spencer Wold (Not to be confused with Spence Guerin, one of our co-founders).

Spencer Wold was born in 1943, and grew up in Ashtabula, Ohio, near Cleveland. He worked as a newsboy when he was young, then joined the U.S. Army, and served in Germany during the height of the Cold War.

His service in Europe introduced him to a more progressive way of living and thinking, which he embraced wholeheartedly. After his military service, he operated a Cleveland “head shop” in the 60s and became a successful night club manager and real estate developer in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, both in Ohio and California.

While in San Diego, he managed a rock band, and successfully ran a variety of businesses, until his divorce, which dramatically changed the course of his life.  He then retuned to his roots in Ashtabula.

In 2010, he developed a taste for the warmth of Florida, and began visiting a lifelong friend, who lives in West Palm Beach. Soon he was a full blown Snowbird – splitting his time between Melbourne and northern Ohio. Eventually, he became a full-time Floridian.

He found the Space Coast Progressive Alliance, and soon became an enthusiastic member. He was fond of creating his own custom-decorated T-shirts, and speaking out at our meetings in favor of Bernie Sanders, and his love of vegetarianism. There was no doubt about where he stood on the key issues of the day!

Sadly, he suffered a severe stroke about a year ago, and had been slowly recovering in a local nursing home.  He genuinely appreciated the calls and visits of his SCPA friends during his long convalescence. He passed from a heart attack last week. No local memorial service is planned, but he will live on in our memories.

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