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Sunday, 28 October 2018 10:21

Statement on Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting Featured

Written by  Team SCPA


From SCPA President, Phil Stasik:

On behalf of the Board and members of the Space Coast Progressive Alliance — and from my heart — I want to express the love and solidarity of all who are horrified, saddened, and angered by the attack on the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh. At times like this, we are reminded that we are all one people.
I was born in Pittsburgh, and I know the Squirrel Hill neighborhood. It would be hard to describe a more peaceful, friendly place. One of my sisters still lives north of the city, so the initial reports of the attack immediately drew my concern. In truth though, all people of tolerance and good faith recoil and grieve at news of anti-Semitic attacks, whether they happen next door or on the far side of our planet. We are all one.
The daily news of global violence and war against Jews, Moslems, Christians, or any innocent people tear at the fabric of our souls.
The issues of anti-Semitism, gun violence, our evil president, and the shocking rise of hateful and intolerant propaganda are deeply rooted in America. We all share the responsibility to push-back hard against the sickness that poisons the minds of so many of our fellow citizens. It is our unified strength and love that will overcome that hate in due time.
We all stand with all of our Jewish friends -- and all victims of hate -- in this time of deep sadness.

The SCPA is outraged at our nation’s elected "leaders" for their failure to lead. We hold our representatives — all of them — guilty of failing to defend innocent Americans from gun violence.  Again.  It's time to vote for "Gun Sense" candidates now!

Common sense gun reforms are long, long, overdue, as we all agreed at the recent SCPA event about gun violence: "GUNS -- Designed To Kill". View the trailer from that event here: Guns Trailer

Since the attached statement was first written, the numbers have gotten worse -- 11 are dead, and 6 injured.


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