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Wednesday, 08 June 2016 18:33

Rick + Pam Show Continues

Written by  News reports compiled by Team SCPA

Posted June 8, 2016
Rick + Pam Show + corrupt Florida politics, cont'd.

What fun it is! As one of our favorite Florida commentators Carl Hiaasen would say, 'you just can't make this stuff up.'
-- SCPA Editor


Paula Dockery: Rick Scott insists on naming judges ahead of voters
Orlando Sentinel, by Paul Dockery
June 8, 2016

Under our system of government, we value the concept of three separate but equal branches of government — legislative, judicial and executive — and the principle that all political power is inherent in the people.

The executive and legislative branches should not hold great sway over the judicial branch but sometimes they try. The courts can rule on the constitutionality of a legislative or executive action, but only if it is legally challenged.

That's what just happened at the Florida Supreme Court over whether Gov. Rick Scott has the authority to appoint replacements for judges who submitted resignation letters or if voters get to decide in the August election. …


Pam Bondi breaks her silence over Donald Trump's $25,000 campaign contribution
Tampa Bay Times, by Steve Bousquet, Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau
June 7, 2016

Donald Trump clearly needs help winning over women voters, but his most prominent female ally in Florida, Attorney General Pam Bondi, is reeling from a Trump-related controversy.

Bondi broke her silence Tuesday over her solicitation of a $25,000 check she received from a Trump foundation in 2013 at a time when her office was considering whether to join a New York state investigation of consumer complaints against Trump University. …

… Bondi called Monday's Associated Press report on the Trump University issue "misleading," adding: "No one in my office ever opened an investigation of Trump University, nor was there a basis for doing so."

The AP account said Bondi "nixed" suing Trump, but it did not say that she had opened an investigation. ...


Rick Scott, Pam Bondi expected to join Donald Trump in Tampa Saturday
Tampa Bay Times, THE BUZZ, by Adam C. Smith, Times Political Editor
June 7, 2016

Donald Trump's campaign is putting together plans for a rally at the Tampa Convention Center Saturday. Among those expected to join the presumptive nominee for the 11 a.m. event in Tampa  are Gov. Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, and Republican National Committeewoman Sharon Day. Look for an endorsement from Dena DeCamp, president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women. …


‘Trump U’ scandal gets worse for Florida’s AG
MSNBC, by Steve Benen
June 7, 2016

The details surrounding “Trump University” and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (R) already painted an unflattering picture. We learned last week that Bondi briefly considered joining a multi-state suit against the controversial “school,” but the Florida Republican dropped the investigation after the Trump Foundation made a $25,000 contribution towards Bondi’s re-election. …


8,491 pages raise more flags about Bondi's Trump money
Orlando Sentinel, by Scott Maxwell
June 4, 2016

Last week, the state of New York unveiled its case against Donald Trump.

Among the testimony was this quote: "I believe that Trump University was a fraudulent scheme and that it preyed upon the elderly."

The statement was particularly damning — since it came from one of Trump University's sales managers.

New York's attorney general says the evidence is compelling that Trump's get-rich seminars — promoted in both Florida and New York — were merely a "bait and switch scheme" where people paid thousands of dollars for promised training and insight they never received.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, however, decided not to act on similar complaints filed by Floridians. …

Compiled by Team SCPA

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