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Monday, 28 March 2016 08:18

Death of a million cuts

Written by  Marjorie Shropshire

Posted March 28, 2016
Indian River Lagoon Pollution and Florida Politics



Death of a million cuts

By Marjorie Shropshire

It took Florida Bay (at south end of Florida) 20+ years to "recover" and as we sit here today it is again in full collapse.

Any kind of recovery -- of the Indian River Lagoon -- is going to take a massive effort on the part of everyone... right down to the individual homeowner or renter.

Indian Riverkeeper Marty Baum was entirely correct when he said the situation in the Northern Lagoon is the "death of a million cuts."

Every time you fertilize, pour chemicals down your drain or onto the ground, don't contain your stormwater, allow runoff from your property, vote for people who don't support conservation or sane growth management practices, all those are cuts, all of them contribute.

Do you know what a sea change is? We need a sea change in behavior and caring in every county along the Indian River Lagoon, and every single resident has to be part of it, whether you live on the lagoon or not.

Marjorie Shropshire is active in efforts to restore the Indian River Lagoon. She lives in the southern lagoon area.

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