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Sunday, 07 February 2016 12:54

Serody: The Perception of Honesty

Written by  Bob Serody

Posted February 7, 2016
National Presidential Debates Commentary / Hillary-Bernie
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The Perception of Honesty
By Bob Serody
A friend reminded me of a quote from the Bible spoken by the master moralist, Jesus Christ, who proclaimed: 'No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.' 

My friend then recalled that 'Clinton's master is Wall Street, the richest and most powerful organization in the United States that bought and paid for her…. She cannot serve both the American people who did not buy her and Wall Street, which did.'
I would add to that 'Just follow the money.' There is no way Bernie could have overtaken her in this campaign if he hadn’t made the critical decision not to take money from super PACS and financial institutions. It is the albatross hanging around her neck that undecided voters see in deciding whether to trust her.

Bernie has said that the Democrats always win when there is a huge turnout. This is the year for that huge turnout, and if he gets the minorities to join his already enthusiastic supporters, she doesn’t stand a chance.  
Add to this the fact that she has been forced to swing toward Bernie’s positions on the issues of income inequality. Yet, she can’t concede to adopting all his positions without losing credibility on her charge that Bernie can’t implement them because of… yes, the power of the Dark Force that controls the president’s decisions.
A latest national poll shows that Bernie is now only 2 points below Hillary among Democratic voters. This is a huge swing from earlier standings and comes after the latest debate in New Hampshire. Many eligible voters had never heard of Bernie Sanders, because his exposure as the lone Independent Senator from Vermont paled in comparison to the popularity of Bill Clinton’s wife and her service as Secretary of State in Barak Obama’s administration. The polls now indicate what Hillary has feared most, Bernie’s exposure to the general public in these national Democratic debates could spell the death knell of her campaign. She is a great debater, but Bernie has a lock on the issues, which in turn has generated such enthusiasm among young voters, that even the support of Hillary’s husband and daughter is now just a blip on the radar screen.
The DNC’s overt attempt to minimize Bernie’s exposure to the public by limiting the number of debates to just a handful and then scheduling them for evenings of poor public viewing has not only backfired, it has inadvertently given him the exposure they attempted to prevent. In a reversal of tactics, the DNC is now hoping to support Hillary’s hobbled campaign by increasing the number of debates between them. As in a runaway train, Hillary is now being treated to the spectacle of Bernie Sanders actually pulling ahead in the race for the nomination, while all that financial baggage on her train is slowing her progress.
The public has noticed another difference between the candidates. Bernie has stated that the only reason he is running for the White House is because no one else with his agenda has been willing to save the country from wall-street manipulators, whose only motivation is wealth and power. The public feels that Hillary’s overriding ambition is to become President. This difference in perception again works to Bernie’s advantage. Comparing this elderly looking man whose tussled hair and grimaced determination bestows on him the aura of Albert Einstein to the forced smile of a person waiting nervously for the moderator’s next question is a contrast that continues to make viewers feel more comfortable with Bernie. If for no other reason, the listeners that witness this scene are going to tend to vote for the most honest candidate. It’s not just the issues! They need someone they can trust to get the job done.
Bob Serody is a frequent commentator and is a member of Space Coast Progressive Alliance.

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