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Sunday, 31 January 2016 15:02 chapter forming in Brevard

Written by  Team SCPA

Posted January 31, 2016
Corruption in government, cont'd

---------- -- 'Anti-corruption movement for the 21st century' -- comes to Brevard County!

Fighting corruption at all levels of government 'is a long fight' says Melissa Martin, who is establishing a local chapter of grassroots cross-partisan which comes with tanglible, clearly defined, achievable objectives.

On Election Day 2014, Tallahassee voters approved the first Anti-Corruption Act in the nation by a 2-to-1 margin. The campaign was championed by local progressive AND conservative leaders. And was off and running!

The Brevard group had its first organizational meeting last week, and plans to meet again in February.

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'We are building a fiercely non-partisan movement to pass tough anti-corruption laws in cities and states across America, and end the legalized corruption that has come to define modern politics. America's anti-corruption laws are dangerously out of date… '

The American Anti-Corruption Act makes it illegal to purchase political influence, and puts power back in the hands of the people. The Act is model legislation that sets a standard for city, state and federal laws that prevent money from corrupting American government. ...

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