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Friday, 02 October 2015 15:42

How many votes does it take...

Written by  Miami Herad, and news compiled by Team SCPA


Posted Oct. 2, 2015

Florida's corrupt politics: Rigged voting districts, cont'd.

Almost 5 YEARS AFTER Florida voters passed FairDistricts Amendment in 2010 to eliminate rigged or gerry-mandered voting districts, Florida's voting districts remain rigged and the issue is still being resolved -- maybe close to being resolved. Meanwhile, incumbant legislators, predominantly Republican, remain protected in rigged voting districts. 

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How many votes does it take to elect a Florida legislator?


• More than two-thirds of Florida’s legislators were elected without a competitive race

• One in three legislators came into office without a single vote cast in their favor

• Low voter turnout, uncompetitive districts and term limits are factors

Miami Herald, by Kristen M. Clark and Mary Ellen Klas, Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau, Oct. 2, 2015

In 2012, lawmakers redrew the House and Senate maps to adjust for population changes in the decennial census and to comply with new anti-gerrymandering amendments to the state Constitution. And they achieved a stunning result: A third of all legislators were elected in their last election without a single vote. They got here by default because no one ran against them.

Removing the partisan barriers to competitive districts was the goal of the Fair Districts amendments to the Florida Constitution, which voters approved by a 63 percent majority in 2010. Although the new rules don’t require that districts be competitive, the amendments prohibit lawmakers from drawing lines that intentionally attempt to benefit incumbents or political parties.

The Florida Supreme Court invalidated the congressional map drawn by the GOP-controlled House and Senate in July, concluding that lawmakers had allowed political operatives to improperly “infiltrate” the process to benefit incumbents or partisans. The Florida Senate concluded the court would have invalidated its map, too, so it volunteered to settle the lawsuit challenging it and hold a special session. The House reluctantly agreed. ...


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