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Monday, 28 September 2015 11:23

Hiaasen: Crisafulli + Gardiner Amendment 1 swindlers

Written by  Carl Hiaasen, compiled by Team SCPA

Posted Sept. 28, 2015 / updated Oct. 2, 2015 at 4:23pm
Environment + Florida Politics, cont'd.

UPDATE #2: Hooray for Florida Today -- they DID publish this critical-of-Crisafulli column by Carl Hiaasen column in this morning's paper -- just when we suspected they were not going to do so. Fearless -- those editors at Florida Today. / Thank goodness for fearless Carl Hiaasen! -- and quite a few newspapers who have earnestly reported on the outrageous undermining of Amendment One. But right here in the home of Steve Crisafulli? Have you noticed how silent Florida Today remains about Steve Crisafulli -- and Andy Gardiner -- and their undermining of Amendment One funding? Also, with Amendment One came a huge opportunity for funding important science studies for the Indian River Lagoon, too. You'd think Florida Today, with its faux (fake) interest in 'Lagoon in Peril' there would be loud and clear criticism of doing so little for the lagoon, much less the whole state. But nope. Practically nothing from Florida Today, mostly silence. (But big hoorah for publishing Hiaasen.) Meanwhile, the lawsuit over the legislature's failures on Amendment One has unveiled plenty to get Carl Hiaasen's blood boiling. Let's hear it for Carl Hiaasen!
-- SCPA Editor


Carl Hiaasen: Brazen theft of our Amendment 1 bucks
Miami Herald, by Carl Hiaasen, Sept. 26, 2015

Amendment One money diverted for other purposes
Speaker Crisafulli and Senate President Gardiner led the way.
Lawmakers show contempt for Constitution and Florida voters.

Most embezzlers try to conceal their thefts, but not in Tallahassee. The looting of Florida’s Amendment One conservation funds took place in broad daylight, orchestrated by two poker-faced swindlers named Andy Gardiner and Steve Crisafulli. (SCPA Editor's boldface.)

Gardiner is president of the Senate. Crisafulli is speaker of the House. Remember their names, because they ripped you off big-time — and it will happen again next year, if they think they can get away with it. ...

… After the debt service was paid on its bonds, the state’s Land Acquisition Trust Fund held $550 million that could have been spent the way voters intended — purchasing key tracts of unspoiled habitat and recreational lands.

Yet only about 7 percent of that money — $50 million — was actually set aside for new land as promised in Amendment One. Of that amount, a pitiful $15.2 million was allocated to Florida Forever, the state’s signature land-buying program. ...

The SCPA website has a long list of background information concerning Amendment 1 -- click here.


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