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Tuesday, 11 August 2015 20:14

Who is Lawrence Lessig, and why...

Written by  Christian Science Monitor


Posted August 11, 2015
USA Corruption, Economic Inequaltiy, Economic Democracy + Voter Suppression, cont'd.
Is Professor Lessig, founder of  Mayday PAC, meaning to join Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail? Can this possibly jump-start the recovery of economic and political sanity in the USA?
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Who is Lawrence Lessig, and why is he running for president?

Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig is exploring a Democratic presidential bid that would be focused on pushing a single agenda.

Christian Science Monitor, by Jessica Mendoza, Staff writer,  August 11, 2015

Come Labor Day, a Harvard law professor may be running for president.

Lawrence Lessig announced on Tuesday he is exploring a bid for the White House that would rely on funds crowdsourced from the Internet and would focus on a single agenda: “unrigging the political system.” Part political experiment, part advocacy, the campaign seeks to highlight corruption in the democratic process – and to send Professor Lessig into the nation’s highest office to fix it. …

… Lessig’s only agenda as president would be to get Congress to pass the Citizen Equality Act of 2017, a bill to increase voter rights, introduce new methods for electing representatives, and push for greater citizen funding.

If he raises at least $1 million by Sept. 7, Lessig says he will resign from his post at Harvard and start campaigning for the Democratic nomination. ...

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