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Thursday, 09 July 2015 08:53

Thomas Piketty: 'Germany has never repaid'

Written by  Daily KOS, compiled by Team SCPA

Posted July 9, 2015

Economic Democracy, cont'd.
Significant commentary and readable economics history.


Thomas Piketty: “Germany has never repaid.”
Daily KOS, by Lamont Cranston, July 8, 2015

In a blistering interview with the German newspaper Die Zeit, Piketty blasts Germany and it's history of repayment of debt over the years, and it's attitudes toward its fellow EU neighbor, Greece. …

Since his successful book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” the Frenchman Thomas Piketty has been considered one of the most influential economists in the world. His argument for the redistribution of income and wealth launched a worldwide discussion. In a interview with George Blume of DIE ZEIT, he gives his clear opinions on the European debt debate.

Compiled excerpts on Daily KOS:


The complete interview, translated from the publication 'Die Zeit' can be found here:

Thanks to PM. Compiled by Team SCPA.



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