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Sunday, 28 June 2015 12:42

Healthcare USA + Single Payer

Written by  Adam Gaffney, SALON, compiled by Team SCPA

Posted June 28, 2015

Healthcare, cont'd.
By the way, you know already Bernie Sanders advocates for Single Payer healthcare, do you not? Meanwhile, Adam Gaffney on SALON tells about healthcare like it is… and Bernie Sanders on CNN says...
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America’s health care system is still broken: Why single-payer is the only thing that will ever fix it

The final triumph of Obamacare was great news for Americans depending on it -- but it still isn't enough

SALON, by Adam Gaffney, June 26, 2015

… “It’s not a government takeover of medicine,” he was quoted by the Times as saying, “It’s the privatization of health care.” As the Times put it, “Billions could flow from Washington to Wall Street, indeed.”

Next question: Why should we care, if the insured are being covered in the process? Well, we should care because our corporate health care compromise comes at a serious cost.

First, it’s a waste of good money. Private insurers have notoriously high overhead: They spend perhaps 12 percent of your premium on administration and profits. Traditional Medicare, in contrast, spends about 2 percent on overhead. A recent analysis found that the insurance expansion under the ACA has been particularly costly from this perspective, with about $1,375 spent on overhead for each newly insured person. ...

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Bernie Sanders: Obamacare not enough

CNN, by Eric Bradner, June 28, 2015

Washington (CNN) Bernie Sanders isn't satisfied with the Supreme Court's affirmation last week of President Barack Obama's health care law.

Instead, the Democratic presidential hopeful said on Sunday he wants the United States to adopt a "Medicare-for-all" single-payer health care plan.

"We need to join the rest of the industrialized world," Sanders said on ABC's "This Week."

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Be sure to see the short CNN video, in which Bernie Sanders says: "The United States of America is the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee healthcare to all people as a right, and that's the goal we have to shoot for…'

Read more + see video on CNN here

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