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Thursday, 11 June 2015 15:22

Alternative Transportation!

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Florida has distinguished itself yet again as the number one state for bicycle and pedestrian fatalities. The entire South, despite its good weather, gets credit for the highest number of such fatalities and the lowest state budgets devoted to alternative transportation development.

Why? Because cities like ours were built around the automobile as the sole means of transportation. As a result, you can find yourself without a sidewalk or safe roadway between home and even a nearby destination.  According to a national study, a majority of those who do ride their bikes limit their outings due to intimidating infrastructure and hostile attitudes.

For historical insight on how counties like ours became so unfriendly to bikes and walkers, see:

There is no reason why this situation should persist. Imagine one in which riding or walking to the corner store were as simple and safe as it should be:

We can lend our voices to a growing movement to grant alternative transportation the right to exist. The benefits are many:

$1·      Health (Per capita rate of type 2 diabetes decreases in states with highest bike/ped commuter populations.)

$1·      The environment : less pollution with fewer cars on the road,.

$1·      Access to transportation for those who cannot afford an automobile, or choose not to own one.  

The solutions are more than increased sidewalks and bike lanes.  Check out Smart Code:

And when you venture out, know the rules for bicycle safety:

Please document any obstacles you face. Share them with us in your feedback. Or contact Barry Watkins, owner of Here is a troublesome corner near me in need of corrective action.  If we can influence the powers that be to make the needed changes here, we can work to make your bike routes safe and fun as well.


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