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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 18:20

Serody: Iron Jawed Angels

Written by  Bob Serody


Posted March 25, 2015

Iron Jawed Angels
by Bob Serody

Iron Jawed Angels, an HBO movie that presented the struggle by women to gain the simple right to vote in this country, was shown by the local chapter of the National Association of Women (NOW).  It was an eye opener, for it revealed to me the fear men have over dealing with women on an equal footing.  Men have covered up these fears by trying to justify their behavior, saying that women are biologically inferior to men, that the bible asserts that God is really a man and created woman as a help-mate to raise children and care for the household, that procreation is woman’s primary mission on Earth, and the list goes on.  
Today, by not passing the Equal Rights Amendment, the men of this nation have prevented the elimination of gender discrimination.  State laws are still being passed to control women's reproductive systems and to prevent women from having abortions.  States have placed various obstacles in the way on voting day. Has anything changed?  Check out the state of Georgia, which arrested women for peacefully protesting a bill that would let employers fire women for having an abortion.  In several states, Republican lawmakers are sponsoring bills that would allow employers to use “religious liberty” as an excuse to do whatever they want – including discrimination against customers or employees on the basis of religion.  
If Iron Jawed Angels were shown in every public and parochial school, it would be the end of the Tea Party and all other radical groups who still fear what it means to give women the right to make their own choices and compete equally with men in the market place.  
Bob Serody is a member of Space Coast Progressive Alliance


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