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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 13:45

Florida NOW FL Legislature Update

Written by  Brevard NOW, Florida NOW

Posted March 25, 2015

Update on Florida Legislature by Florida NOW

Florida NOW will be tracking all bills impacting the NOW priority issues. Equality, Reproductive rights, Violence against Women and Economic justice are some of the issues we prioritize and ensure we are heard in Tallahassee. If you know of any bills that we should support or oppose, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll take a look at it.

Our lobbyist, Barbara DeVane does a fantastic job speaking for us in Tallahassee. But she can’t do it alone. Please look out for our Action Alerts and help support by making simple phone calls or emails to your representatives to let them know we are out there and how we want them to vote.

Below is the current list of submitted bills and our stand on them. It’s great that we have some positive bills that we support as well as the regular attacks on women’s rights.

Terry Sanders
Legislative Director, Florida NOW

Florida NOW:


Florida NOW Legislative priorities


SB 724 /HB 633: Informed Patient Consent by Sen Flores and Rep Sullivan
This bill forces a 24 hour waiting period on a woman before having an abortion. This is an unnecessary requirement as women have already received state-mandated counseling and made a deliberate and fully informed decision.

SB 920/HB 147: Abortion by Sen Stargel and Rep Hill
This bill would require abortion providers to obtain admitting privileges at a local hospital. Also known as a Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) bill this bill is aimed at making it almost impossible for a doctor to provide a legal abortion.

SB N/A & HB 247 Abortion by Rep Van Zant
This bill is filed every year by Representative Van Zant. It is basically an all-out ban on abortion care, with very limited exceptions for life of the mother.

SB N/A & HB 583 Single-Sex Public Facilities by Reps Artiles/Campbell
This proposed bill would make it illegal for a person to enter a public facility designated as single-sex if the person was not born a biological member of that sex. The measure would apply to bathrooms, dressing rooms, fitting rooms, locker rooms and showers, or wherever there is a "reasonable expectation of privacy." This bill disproportionately targets Florida's transgender community, which won legal protection from discrimination with a Human Rights Ordinance in December.

SB 0096 & HB 0077 Patriotic Film Screening by Sen Hays and Rep Combee

This proposed bill would require the screening of a right-wing propaganda film to all Florida student in middle and high school. The film is named “America: Imagine the World Without Her” and according to Wikipedia it is a partisan, conservative based film aimed to “contrast to perceived liberal critiques of its history”.


SB 0088 /HB 8001 Equal Rights For Men and Women by Sens Joyner/Margolis and Rep Berman
Submitted by Sen Joyner and Rep Berman to ratify the ERA in Florida. By ratifying the ERA we would whittle down the number of states needed to pass the ERA federally.

SB 216/HB 105 The Florida Civil Rights/Pregnancy Non-Discrimination Act submitted by Sen Thompson and Rep Cortes
Protects pregnant women from discrimination and potential firing based on the condition of pregnancy. These rights are protected under Federal law and this bill will bring Florida in line with Federal protections. These bills are moving positively through their committees and look very promising to pass.

SB 98 /HB 25 Employment Discrimination submitted by Sens Joyner/Sachs and Rep Cruz
Equal employment rights are protected under Federal Law but taking these kinds of suits to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is costly and lengthy. This bill would especially protect women’s pay under Florida law.  

SB 156 / HB 33 Prohibited Discrimination submitted by Sen Abruzzo and Reps Raschein/Cortes
Known as the Florida Competitive Workforce act would include sexual orientation and gender identity and other designations as impermissible grounds for discrimination in the workplace.

SB 1106/ HB 465 Human Trafficking by Sen Flores and Rep Spano/Kerner
SB 1108/ HB 467 Public Records/Human Trafficking victims
SB 1110/ HB 469 Public Records/Sexual Exploitation victims
This legislation strengthens laws regarding enhanced criminal penalties for soliciting another to commit prostitution & similar offenses and requires persons convicted of such offenses to perform community service & pay for & attend education instead of incarceration. A bill to protect from public records the expunged criminal records of victims of human trafficking. A bill to protect from public records safe houses, safe foster homes, & other residential facilities serving victims of sexual exploitation.

SB 804 / HB 443 Violation of an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence by Sen Abruzzo and Rep Rodriguez
This bill would providing enhanced criminal penalties for a third or subsequent violation of an injunction for protection against domestic violence

SB 204 / HB 0083  Sexual Orientation Change Efforts by Sen Clemons and Rep Richardson
This bill would prohibit health professionals from participating in “Sexual Orientation Change Efforts” on children younger than 18. This would protect children from being forced to try and change their sexual identity/ orientation by health professionals who do not support the LGBTQ lifestyles.

Contributor: Vicki Impoco, President, Brevard NOW


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