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Monday, 16 March 2015 08:54

Rick Scott + gov't in the 'sunshine'

Written by  Tampa Bay Times, compiled by Team SCPA


Posted March 16, 2015
Rick Scott and Florida government in the 'sunshine'


Lawmakers propose more than 50 exceptions to state transparency laws
Tampa Bay Times, by Michael Auslen, March 15, 2015

Amid a lawsuit alleging state leaders violated the Sunshine Law in firing Florida's top law enforcement officer, lawmakers in the Capitol are considering more than 50 proposals to limit Floridians' access to public records. …


Lucy Morgan: Putting the 'public' back in public office
Tampa Bay Times, Opinion by Lucy Morgan, March 13, 2015

Some governors are slow learners. Gov. Rick Scott is beyond slow. He doesn't learn. He doesn't appear to care about public access to records, meetings and information traditionally available to Floridians. …

… Scott kept the Open Government office that Crist created but it is essentially a joke. Meaningful responses to questions or requests have disappeared behind press releases. Any governor's response to open government is important. It sets an example for the rest of state government as well as cities and counties who are covered by the law. Scott fails by any measure.

Lucy Morgan is a retired state capital bureau chief and senior correspondent for the Tampa Bay Times.


Editorial: Dark clouds over government in the sunshine
Tampa Bay Times Editorial, March 13, 2015

There are the familiar, such as the annual attempt to keep secret the names of applicants to become university presidents. There are the new, such as the broad public records exemption sought for videos from body cameras worn by police. There are the unnecessary, such as efforts to keep email addresses secret. And there are the downright odd, such as a public records exemption related to academic research.

The Florida Legislature is at it again, preparing to poke more holes in some of the nation's best sunshine laws that are designed to force government to operate in the open. ...



Why Tampa Bay Times joined lawsuit against Gov. Scott... and more

Compiled by Team SCPA


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