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Saturday, 14 March 2015 08:03

Florida Water + Lagoon Update

Written by  Team SCPA

Updated March 24, 2015

SCPA 1st THURSDAY: Florida Water + Lagoon UPDATE
6:30pm Thurs. April 2, 2015

Front Street Civic Center, 2205 Front Street, downtown Melbourne FL 32901
Free and open to the public. Donations gratefully accepted.
PROGRAM: Florida Water + Lagoon UPDATE

Will Amendment 1 funds restore health of Florida's springs, lagoons, rivers, lakes and the Everglades?

What happened at the clean water and Amendment 1 'Rally in Tally' in February?

How is Amendment 1 being implemented in the Florida legislature?

The Indian River Lagoon, declared an Estuary of National Significance in 1990, was said to be the 'nation's most biologically diverse' -- and, when healthy, provided financial impact of $3.7 billion -- that's BILLIONS -- to the lagoon region. Are we going to salvage this valuable resource? Is it worth MILLIONS of $ to fix the lagoon, to maintain flow of BILLIONS?

What's going on in the Indian River Lagoon? What will it take to fix the lagoon? Are all of the issues being addressed? Will hanging bags of oysters under docks fix the problems?

Will removing the muck fix the problems that create the muck?

Our speakers will be followed by Q+A from the audience:

Amendment 1 implementation update + more
by Vince Lamb, retired business exec, now environmental activist + photographer

Muck Removal in Indian River Lagoon Waters
by Dr. John Trefry, PhD, Florida Institute of Technology

MRC priority implementation / Lagoon report card and septic tank project
by Dr. Leesa Souto, PhD, Exec Director, Marine Resources Council

1st or 2nd Thursdays are monthly gatherings, building the growing progressive community. Share your petitions and other items of interest, make brief announcements. Enjoy the gathering, super programs, super people. Bring a friend! Free and open to the public.


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