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Thursday, 22 January 2015 17:03

SCPA 1st Thurs: OverCriminalized

Written by  Team SCPA

SCPA 1st Thursday February 5, 2015
LOCATION: Front Street Civic Center
2205 Front Street, downtown Melbourne FL 32901
Free and open to the public. Donations gratefully accepted.

PROGRAM: OverCriminalized

From Brave New Films, in partnership with the ACLU and The Nation, comes three short, potent social issue video episodes, through which we explore vexing social problems that are currently criminalized all over the USA: mental illness, substance abuse, and homelessness.

It seems that for almost every social problem that pops up, we turn to the criminal justice system. Suffering from mental illness? Here’s a cell. Struggling with drug dependency? Let’s throw you in handcuffs. Sleeping on the street? Here’s an arrest record.

And if you are a person of color, the criminal justice crackdown can be even worse.

OverCriminalized profiles three promising and less expensive interventions that may actually change the course of people’s lives. It’s time to roll back mass criminalization and focus on what works.

We will see three short videos, and hear from three selected local panelists.


John Farrell
Executive Director, Daily Bread

Tanya Johnson
Brevard County Mental Health Court Program Mgr, Circles of Care

Sheriff Wayne Ivey
Brevard Sheriff's Office (We are advised that if Sheriff Ivey cannot participate, we will have another representative from the sheriff's office.)

Each panelist will have 10-12 minutes to speak, followed by Q+A.

Can we expect police to solve our society's homeless, drug addiction and mental illness problems? Do street people need care and social workers, instead of police and prison? 'The Cook County jail in Chicago is now the biggest single-facility provider of mental health services in the country.' Do corrections facilities work? Is there a better way? Is mental illness a health problem, or a crime? How are we doing in Brevard County?

We expect to hear how our county and cities handle the mentally ill, drug addicts and the homeless -- and what YOU can do to help.


1st or 2nd Thursdays are monthly gatherings, building the growing progressive community. Share your petitions and other items of interest, make brief announcements. Enjoy the gathering, super programs, super people. Bring a friend! Free and open to the public.


Space Coast Progressive Alliance (SCPA) is an advocate for the Greater Public Interest on issues important to us all. We advance progressive policies that further civil and personal liberty, the environment, health care, education, labor, peace, social welfare, financial stability and international harmony. Florida non-profit founded in 2004.

Compiled by Team SCPA.


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