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Saturday, 10 January 2015 08:55

Dan and Scott get their drivers licenses

Written by  Daniel Wall-DeSousa, News reports, Team SCPA


Update Jan. 14, 2015

Gay couple win name dispute, get new drivers licenses


Orlando Sentinel, by Rene Stutzman, Jan. 13, 2015

Two gay men from Brevard County who sued the state for refusing to honor their out-of-state marriage and change their names on the driver's licenses on Tuesday won a victory. ...


Update Jan. 13, 2015

Brevard's courageous, battling LGBT couple, Daniel and Scott Wall-DeSousa, have won properly issued drivers licenses.

Daniel Wall-DeSousa reports:

From 11-25-14 to 1-13-15! A battle without driving privileges that we would fight again to afford equality for all. Our case will undoubtedly set precedent so that all Florida agencies will not be able to discriminate. Our battle will moot legal attempts of opponents of same-sex marriage in Federal and State courts as it pertains to ALL state agencies recognizing legal marriages.

Now we push to have all States in the US to recognize out-of-State marriages. We must continue until our US Constitution is upheld in full faith across the United States of America.  

I am going for long drive!


Posted Jan. 10, 2015

Meanwhile, the infamous Rick & Pam Show continues.

As you know, Daniel and Scott's marriage is now finally legal in Florida -- the U.S. Constitution prevailed and Rick & Pam couldn't stop it.  You'll remember Rick & Pam took away Daniel's drivers license, because they said Daniel's married name was illegal -- or something like that.

We asked Daniel about what's happening:

Team SCPA: Daniel, have you gotten your drivers license back, yet?

Daniel Wall-DeSousa: Unfortunately, the State is stalling their response to our federal lawsuit.  

Team SCPA: Oh, the games they play, Daniel!

Daniel Wall-DeSousa: The State was given until the 10th to respond to the court. As they cancelled my license only a judge can return it -- unlike licenses that are suspended/revoked, which the DMV can reissue. The long and short of it is that I still do not have the privilege to drive after the State's spiteful actions canceling my license in November. We are hoping that our Federal lawsuit will set precedent for the remaining States that uphold unconstitutional bans of same-sex marriage.  

I am so thrilled that our constitution has prevailed over Florida. It is truly historic!

We hope that our story/federal lawsuit will be a catalyst to setting a precedent for the remaining states that refuse to recognize the 1st and 14th amendment. Many are unaware that these state bans also suppress our rights to define ourselves (via surname) as a family -- a right protect by the 1st amendment.

Team SCPA: Keep on! You're going to bust up this part of the infamous Rick + Pam Show, and bring it to a close!

Daniel Wall-DeSousa: I will keep you posted.

Team SCPA: Thanks, Daniel.



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Contributing: Daniel Wall-DeSousa, Space Coast Pride.
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