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Saturday, 20 December 2014 11:17

Phil Stasik's presentation to Brevard legislators

Written by  Phil Stasik

Posted Dec. 20, 2014

SCPA Legislative Delegation Presentation 2014

SCPA Vice President Phil Stasik was one of about 40 speakers who briefly addressed the Brevard Legislative Delegation on Dec. 18, 2014, at Brevard County Government Center in Viera. The speakers represented city and county government entitites, varied organizations and citizen interest groups throughout the county. Each had three minutes to speak.

The legislators included Senators Thad Altman and Andy Gardiner, and Representatives Ritch Workman, Steve Crisafulli, Tom Goodson and John Tobia.


On behalf of SCPA, Vice President Phil Stasik delivered the following remarks:

Good afternoon gentlemen! Thank you for your service to our community.  

I’m Phil Stasik, Vice President of the Space Coast Progressive Alliance. We’ve been advocating for the public good for the past decade.  In that light, we ask the following:

1. We request commitment for expanded Indian River Lagoon restoration.

2. We request support for EPA enforcement of the Clean Water Act.

3. We request full implementation of Amendment 1 for Land and Water
Conservation, for the benefit of Brevard County.

4. We request legislative support for dramatically increased development of Alternative Energy programs in Florida.  We need a State Energy Policy that actually supports solar power in the Sunshine State!

5. We request a ban on Hydraulic Fracturing in Florida and seismic oil exploration and drilling off-shore.

6. We request legislation legalizing Medical Marijuana in Florida.

7. We request an expansion of Medicaid in Florida -- in concert with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  We must close the “Coverage Gap” to save lives – right here, right now!

8. We request a commitment not to interfere with women’s rights to access birth control and safe and legal abortion in Florida. Protecting women’s reproductive rights is important  -- not just to women – but to all of us!

9. We request passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

10. We request Marriage Equality legislation for Florida.


11. We request support for, and recognition of, the contributions of Organized Labor to the Space Coast.

Now, that’s just the “Short List”, of course!  To put it simply, when given the choice, we ask that you do “the right thing”.

The first half of our list is all about protecting our precious river, our air, our land, and our ocean. The rest of the list is about protecting the citizens of our county and our State.

Each of you stepped forward to represent us, to protect us, to make the tough decisions, to fight the good fight…on behalf of the citizens of Florida.  You were elected to do the right thing.

We want you to succeed.  

We will be watching!  When you do the right thing, we will applaud you, and we will support you.

The members of the Space Coast Progressive Alliance wish each of you a happy holiday season and a successful, productive legislative session.

Thank you for listening.  May I answer your questions?

Phil Stasik is Vice President of the Space Coast Progressive Alliance, and is slated to be elected to office of President in January 2015. Phil is a retired airline pilot.


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