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Sunday, 23 November 2014 10:16

International Food Workers Week

Written by  Farm Workers Assoc of Florida

November 23-29 is

3rd Annual International Food Workers Week

As a member of the Food Chain Workers Alliance, FWAF (Farmworkers Association of Florida -- La Associacon Cmpesina) is proud to celebrate and honor farmworkers and other Food Worker Heroes that wake up in the morning and go about the hard work of feeding us all!

The food system employs around 20 million people here in the United States, which means one in five American private sector workers are food chain workers! And even though they do some of the most important jobs in the country, the majority of food workers live below or near the poverty line. They have lower wages on average than workers in any other industry. They're more likely to experience food insecurity. Most have no access to health care or paid sick days.* Use #IFWW on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated this week and for ways you can get involved with member organizations throughout the country!

Farmworkers are the first to interact with our food, but they're often the last people we think about when buying or eating it.

This Thanksgiving, as you offer thanks for the food, remember to thank farmworkers and the other people that worked to get it to your table. Reply to this email or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see how you can get involved to end the exploitation of farmworkers in Florida and other food chain workers!

*Note: For more facts and figures regarding food workers and the economic realities of their lives, check out FCWA's report "The Hands that Feed Us" -- see link below.


Farmworker Association of Florida
(407) 886-5151

Food Chain Workers Alliance

The Hands that Feed Us
Challenges and Opportunities for Workers Along the Food Chain
by Food Chain Workers Alliance

Thanks to Farworkers Association of Florida. Compiled by Team SCPA.


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