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Friday, 28 September 2012 17:19

Infantini's defibrillator proposal irresponsible

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A big part of the measure of a decent county commissioner is how effectively does one protect the interests of the citizens while cutting costs.

Does our current commissioner look out for real, practical solutions to cut back on costs? Or does she blindly propose gutting critical programs that our citizens depend on, like emergency services?

Commissioner Trudie Infantini failed this simple test when she recently asked the commission to save a few bucks by purchasing 15-year-old refurbished defibrillators instead of new, safe equipment.

As a senior citizen and a voter in Brevard, this level of irresponsibility infuriates me. I know if it was one of my loved ones who needed care, I would pray the equipment being used in a crisis was the safest available.

Citizens have a responsibility to let Infantini know we won’t tolerate anyone playing politics with emergency services that may be needed to protect the lives of our families and loved ones.

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