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Friday, 07 September 2012 19:45

U.S. Secretary of Education Jeb Bush: Selling America's Schools

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"During his speech in Tampa, Bush summed up his long-held views this way: 'We need to set high standards for students and teachers, and provide students and their parents the choices they deserve.'” Orlando Sentinel

Since FCAT has taken its terrible toll on children, education, schools, teachers, and  wasted tax money - the positioning of Jeb Bush as the guiding power behind the next direction for education is indeed frightening.

No Child Left Behind was equally destructive, senseless and wasteful to all but the corporations who have profited from tax dollars while experimenting on our children with whatever new tech-toys, bubble tests, lock-step textbooks, and whatever else can let them grab the money and charge even more for the patch-update that attempts to repair what they broke. "Next year will be better" means nothing to children and their parents who are experimented on and left behind as collateral damage for corporate profit-making schemes.

Scripted lessons are rapidly replacing the purpose of teaching - meeting the needs of the child. Every parent knows that their own children  have different needs, abilities and potential, while all children require learning skills - not merely bubble test rote completion attached to a number. The corporations have a single purpose for existence - profit at all costs to others.

A child is more than a test score.

A parent is more than a consumer trying to buy a brand item based on slick advertising.

For your own self-directed education as to how many juicy government contracts are handed over to people whose test scores showed that 80% of Florida students tested successfully one year as 80% of the same children failed in another year - "look it up" as our teachers told us to do. To find out the names of the corporations who profit from the Bush family's corporations - look it up, and be prepared to be shocked.

Since you have a Google search bar, it is easier for you to find hundreds of reputable sources listing obscene profits from public taxes by Educational Profitization and school Vouchercare. Corporations connected to Bush. Taxpayers lose, children lose, America's future loses - but Jeb's "reform" corporate ties gain and gain and gain and ... Until we stop them.





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