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Friday, 24 August 2012 11:36

The Highland Mint: Spinning Anger Into Gold

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Highland Mint, Satellite Beach Highland Mint, Satellite Beach

The Highland Mint is located at the first stoplight east of the the multimillion dollar Eau Gallie Causeway (SR 518) in Satellite Beach - on the southwest corner of South Patrick Drive (SR 513) - which is a few minute drive from Patrick Air Force Base.

It is a successful business with, no doubt, hard working people. The arrogant and disrespectful sign, however, tells a different story. Why not simply be thankful for what America has to offer? Why the anger? When will the spin end?

The photo of their sign, posted on Space Coast Progressive Alliance Facebook, bears these comments.
"Satellite Beach corporation: Let's forget about the roads, basic infrastructure, law enforcement and fire protection. That stuff is a given. What isn't, are the juicy government contracts."


"The Highland Mint is owned by Bullion International."

"Freeloaders on taxpayer’s money in denial……"

"Obviously an ignorant individual with little brains to think on their own. Maybe if you understand the complete statement made by the President, you'd understand the crux of the speech. Stop watching Fox news and think on your own without prejudice from dimwits."

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