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Sunday, 01 April 2012 17:28

Privatization is not private - for you

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"Privatization" is not the same as a "private" corporation or business. People are often confused by the similarity of these words.

A private corporation uses its private financial sources to profit itself.

Privatization is when a private corporation is paid your taxes to take over a public service while it is also allowed to make as much money as it can from public services by creating fees, charges and any other methods it chooses. It keeps the taxes and all other profits to itself. Win-win for its own corporate wealth.

Below is just one small example of how a private company can sell information about you that public service employees must, by law, protect. This is true for prisons, police departments, schools, libraries, animal services, etc.

"Personal information: How much profit per-sale can be made?

And your personal information is pretty cheap as the following examples illustrate: address - $0.50; phone number - $0.25; unpublished phone number - $17.50; cell phone number - $10; Social Security number - $8; drivers license - $3; marriage/divorce - $7.95; education background - $12; employment history - $13; credit history - $9; bankruptcy information - $26.50; shareholder information - $1.50; lawsuit history – $2.95; felony record - $16; sex offender status - $13; and voter registration - $0.25.

The leading data brokers are Acxiom, ChoicePoint, Intelius, Lexis Nexis and US Search Profile. They acquire, slice and dice your personal information as if they were running sausage factories – and your personal life is the unlucky pig."

Please note that there are about a half million people in Brevard County, and each individual can have their information sold to multiple sources annually. (You cannot do the math, but the private corporation will know the profit.) Actually, there is no way to know if, when or how your personal information would be sold. The corporation is private, and laws protect its corporate privacy.




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