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Tuesday, 06 March 2012 19:23

John Tobia Pre-2012 Legislative Session Survey

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The survey that John Tobia conducted prior to the 2012 legislative session is available in the attachment (see link at bottom). Based on just the results for the question about drilling for off-shore oil and gas (77% in favor), it seems his more progressive constituents may have ignored the survey. If true, then these results are skewed to the right of what the voting population truly wants, and they help to justify Representative Tobia in pursuing extremely conservative legislation. Even though we may believe that it will not matter, it is important for SCPA members to participate in these surveys to help balance the results, and we need to encourage our friends and families to do so as well. It may not change how our representatives act in the legislature, but it will at least reduce their justification that they are truly representing their constituents.


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