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Commentary by retired attorney John Lees: Health care is substantially similar to other social goods, like public education, security, water, roads...

"Insurance companies are the problem, not the solution" says Kucinich in explaining why he voted against passage of the historic bill. H.R. 3962 passed by 5 vote majority.

Half truths and falsehoods riddle Republican "analysis" of the proposed health care bill, reports's Truth-O-Meter.

Guide to simple arguments to make

Wednesday, 04 November 2009 22:00

About insurance fraud, single payer, eliminate health care middleman...

Posted Oct. 5, 2009
Thanks to FLORIDA TODAY editorial page writers for this solid information supporting health care reform, which reveals the complicity of Rep. Ritch Workman of Melbourne.
Sun. Oct. 4, 2009
Stop the nonsense
GOP state lawmakers trying to block health reforms do public a disservice

Brevard County’s health care delivery system is broken.

One-fourth of our community’s population between the ages of 18 and 64 lacked health insurance in 2008.

That’s 77,594 of your family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors — and maybe even you. All told, 95,437 county residents had no health insurance in 2008.

That’s a higher percentage of uninsured compared to the nation as a whole. Statewide, it’s just as grim, with almost 4 million people now uncovered, according to Families USA.

Meanwhile, more hard-pressed employers are dropping unaffordable policies or transferring the higher costs onto struggling Florida workers, such as Brevard’s teachers, who have to pay more for health care next year despite wages freezes.

You’d think the shocking statistics would have Florida lawmakers supporting national health insurance reforms designed to cut costs and expand medical coverage to many more Americans.

Instead, some are seeking to block the change and needlessly waste Florida’s taxpayers’ dollars to boot.

Copying “states-rights” advocates in other states, Sen. Carey Baker, R-Eustis, and Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood, want to amend the state Constitution to let Florida opt out of national health care reforms.

Melbourne GOP Rep. Ritch Workman is a prime co-sponsor of the measure, called the Florida Health Care Freedom Act. Space Coast GOP Reps. Debbie Mayfield, Steve Crisafulli, Ralph Poppell and John Tobia have signed on too.

They haven’t done their homework, or they’re knowingly pushing the misrepresentations spewed by special-interest groups such as insurance companies that want to defeat reform that threatens huge profits.

Because the “Freedom” act is just more nonsense built on distortions.

It falsely implies the federal government plans to force Sunshine State residents into a single-payer medical plan that cuts out patient choice and the private sector.

In truth, none of the proposals under consideration in Congress involve a single-payer plan.

Insurance gets about $18 billion in subsidies for managing Medicare Advantage. Obama wants to redirect those funds to health care.

Says: Bill Nelson is conflating the privately-run Medicare Advantage program with traditional government-run Medicare, in his claims that he is *opposed to Medicare cuts*.

Nelson balks at reform for the same reasons as Republican Sen. LeMieux

Medicare Advantage -- is it advantageous? Yes, to the companies that offer it and get taxpayer funds to keep it going. Sen. Nelson wants to prop it up, even though he voted against it to begin with.

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