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Tuesday, 01 September 2009 23:00

FL TODAY editorial: Posey should focus on solutions...

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Posted Sept. 2, 2009 
FLORIDA TODAY editorial says: "Posey should focus on solutions..." Also advises: Posey should debunk lies about reform: "death panels" that don't exist; non-existant health care for illegal aliens; government access to your bank account" -- there's a stream of disinformation...

Our views: Responsible debate
Posey should focus meeting on solutions to nation's health care crisis

...there?s plenty to debate.

That includes the costs of reform, which we maintain cannot increase the federal budget deficit. And ensuring that insurance and other medical interest groups do their share to cut costs.

That said, in the past, Posey has failed to support worthy measures to stem the health care crisis.

He voted against the federal stimulus package that now provides recently laid-off workers a nine-month subsidy covering 65 percent of COBRA health insurance premiums ? which average $13,000 a year for a family of four.

That has greatly helped unemployed workers in Posey?s own Brevard district who are struggling to pay the bills and provide for their families while looking for new jobs.

Posey also voted against a bill expanding the State Children?s Health Insurance Program to cover more of the nation?s uninsured kids, including about 82,000 of the 800,000 uninsured children in Florida.

Furthermore, at a FLORIDA TODAY candidate forum in October, he made an appalling remark that half of the 47 million Americans without insurance lacked coverage because they ?have other priorities. A plasma (TV) screen is more important, a new set of wheels.?

Keep in mind Posey received free health care premiums courtesy of taxpayers during his many years in the Florida Legislature. And that taxpayers pay up to 70 percent of Congress members' premiums...

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