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Sunday, 30 August 2009 23:00

Canadian health care and the USA

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Posted Aug. 31, 2009
Wonder about Canadian health care? 
Here's somebody who knows: Dr. Michael M. Rachlis MD -- physician, health policy analyst and author in Toronto, Canada.
No finer advocate for single-payer medicare than Canadian Dr. Michael M. Rachlis MD.
Recently on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now!:
Website of Dr Michael Rachlis, MD:
Michael Rachlis Publications:
Dr. Michael Rachlis in Los Angeles Times:
A Canadian doctor diagnoses U.S. healthcare
The caricature of 'socialized medicine' is used by corporate interests to confuse Americans and maintain their bottom lines instead of patients' health.,0,538126.story
Interview on Fox Business:

And finally, a brilliant Canadian classic animation introduced by Kiefer Sutherland, narrated by his grandfather Tommy Douglas, the "Father of Medicare" and the founder of the Canadian workers' and small farmers' party, the New Democratic Party: "MOUSELAND"
(Thanks to Larry Wartel)
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