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Friday, 21 December 2018 21:25

The Border Wall

Written by  Bob Serody

Trump insists that he has to shut down the U.S. government if he doesn’t get his border wall. Why is the wall so important that he is willing to destroy our national security, break up the long-standing alliance with our allies (who no longer trust his judgment), reward our enemies with his impulsive decisions to withdraw American troops, cause a severe drop in the stock market, throw out many of his key advisors because they act like adults, and destabilize the justice department by trying to shut down the Mueller investigation at this late date when the probe is due to be completed in February?

My wife has mentioned to me the probable cause of Trump’s temper tantrum and his demand that Congress fund the southern wall with Mexico, or he will close down the government. His actions can be understood if we accept the fact that above all else, he wants to be remembered for his wall. She believes that Trump’s dream is to surpass the Great Wall of China by building an even more impressive wall between the United States and Mexico.

This explains his visit to China. His purpose was two-fold. He went there to procure the plans for China’s wall from President Xi Jinping, whom he mistakenly believes, built the Great Wall of China. He also asked for a one-million-man Chinese labor force to replace Mexican labor, and that China should pay for both materials and labor. Xi Jinping refused, negotiations broke down, and Trump immediately retaliated with a trade war against China.

Trump felt that if the 13,170.7 mile long wall had kept the Mongols out, why shouldn’t it keep out the refugees from Central and South America? Trump was very impressed with the wall’s watchtowers, which he proposed to man with American troops. Most important, he believed his legacy would long be remembered because the wall with Mexico would be seen from outer space. Of course, President Trump would never admit that Xi Jinping’s refusal regarding the wall was the real reason why our government was shut down at midnight on the 21st of December. Trump’s behavior now makes sense, if we accept that all roads lead to China.


Bob Serody is a member of Space Coast Progressive Alliance.

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