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Wednesday, 04 July 2018 08:54

Things Couldn’t Get Much Worse

Written by  Bob Serody

The present political situation couldn’t be more terrible. We know that Trump doesn’t represent the majority of Americans who voted against him, but he doesn’t even represent the interests of those who voted for him. He is a dirty scoundrel who makes decisions based on his own self-interest. He also foments hate to divide the country into warring factions. How could we have chosen such an individual who is really unlawful, has destroyed the economic well being of most of our citizens by raising the national debt with tax breaks for the wealthy, has irreparably harmed our relations with our allies, has professed his admiration for despots, and has snuggled up to our enemies? Excuse me if I’ve missed something. Who is his crime family? Just about the entire Republican Congress whose only mission is to get reelected through donations from self-serving corporations. Just as in organized crime, you don’t cross the boss.

From a Constitutional standpoint, he should be immediately impeached. At this point, that’s not going to happen. It may just be a matter of time before Rosenstein is fired and Mueller is neutralized. Worried about the outcome of the midterm elections, Trump could either terminate the investigation within the next few months or simply pardon himself after the verdict is in. He is of course concerned about possible repercussions from these actions. There are many flaws in our Constitution, but the Bill of Rights does give the American people the right to overthrow this type of leadership. I once wrote that Trump’s actions could cause the Joint Chiefs of Staff to stage a military coup, which is why I keep praying instead for impeachment.

Now comes the latest crisis, the untimely resignation of Justice Kennedy. It has been pointed out that there are ties between Trump and Kennedy’s son. In any case, the timing shows what kind of person Kennedy really is. Our remaining freedoms have never been more threatened, for Trump will attempt to pick a second judicial candidate to unbalance the Supreme Court and render decisions to take away the freedoms of future generations. Checks and balances provided by our three branches of government will cease to exist.

Against this background, along comes this interview with political scientist David Faris, a professor at Roosevelt University and the author of a new book, It’s Time to Fight Dirty. I agree with almost all of his suggestions for taking back control from the Republican Party. He calls these actions ‘fighting dirty’. For example, splitting up California into three states and adding Puerto Rico and Washington DC would tilt any future presidential election outcome in favor of a plurality rather than on Electoral College votes. But I don’t consider that dirty politics. Any change that causes our Constitution to favor the wishes of the majority is morally the right thing to do. In my opinion, we are taking the high road. Unfortunately, it needs approval by Congress.

On the other hand, I have trouble with his idea of packing the Supreme Court with additional judges. It is true that there is no constitutional requirement for putting a limit on the number of Justices. The problem is that it is not a morally correct move. ‘What’s good for the goose is good for the gander’ doesn’t work because it has no moral basis. When FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court, he was wrong. What I’m suggesting is that we must not descend to the level of our opponents. If we do, we become no better than them. Recall that Bernie Sanders never pulled any shenanigans in his run for the Democratic Party nomination. Yes, you can remind me of his loss because the convention was packed with Super Delegates, which is morally unfair (or the procedural requirements that both parties put in the way of third party candidates). But isn’t it also true that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a shocking upset against Representative Joe Crowley (D-NY) in spite of impossible odds, because Bernie Sanders supporters known as the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) volunteered to help her turn out the vote?

There is a strong wave of opposition, including women and minorities, including Hispanics, blacks, and progressives, who are sick and tired of the oligarchy we now have in place of a democracy. I believe that the upcoming midterm elections will crush the Party of Trump, especially because women who come out to vote really hold the keys to a brighter future for all of us. We depend on their returning to us a two-party system of give and take. The Republicans presently rely on dirty tricks, and the Democrats have been ineffective in countering them. I support replacing the leadership of the latter, and I believe this long overdue process is now beginning.

How can we stop Trump from appointing another Supreme Court Justice before the midterm elections? The strategy must be based on the ongoing investigation into Trump’s fitness to serve as President because of Russian collusion in his election. (I suspect that other reasons may also surface.) The results from Mueller’s investigation and the accumulating indictments must be examined before Trump can be permitted to do further harm to our system of justice.The two senators who can stop him are Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Both women are pro-choice when it comes to women’s rights. Democrats must exert moral pressure to make them vote against all of Trump’s nominations. The Senate must put up a roadblock until the Mueller investigation is concluded and certainly until after the midterm elections. Recall Mitch McConnell’s ploy for stopping Obama’s nomination to fill the Scalia vacancy, preventing it from being filled until after the election of 2016.

Can this delaying tactic by Democrats happen again? Will the Democrats replace their current leaders with new leadership to form a more progressive party independent of influence from wealthy donors – a party more reminiscent of the years of the New Deal under Franklyn Delano Roosevelt? Will we be able to provide national elections based on the will of the majority? Obviously, our future as a free and independent nation depends on changes such as these.


 Bob Serody is a member of Space Coast Progressive Alliance.

*ED. NOTE: The views expressed here are solely those of the author. SCPA does not endorse candidates and welcomes commentary on a wide range of issues, including political campaigns, local, regional and national. If interested in contributing commentary, please contact SCPA

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