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Friday, 29 April 2016 06:22

Serody: A Disproportionate Remark?

Written by  Bob Serody

Posted April 29, 2016
National Presidential Campaign / Hillary-Bernie
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Posting of this commentary was unfortunately delayed due to a website upgrade. The commentary was written by Bob Serody immediately following the April 14 debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn.
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Commentary by Bob Serody

A Disproportionate Remark?

By mentioning the casualties that occurred from the military response of Israel in its relationship with the Palestinians, namely, the bombing of civilian areas in Gaza in response to the 2014 Gaza war, Bernie may have split the Jewish vote and united both Jewish and Christian fundamentalists against him. The blasphemy he uttered was the simple word disproportionate in describing Israel's response against its Arab neighbors.

Think back to the time when Hillary Clinton spoke at AIPAC’s annual conference (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). She never uttered anything that could be taken as critical of Israel. She, like Trump, was there to win votes. Bernie decided not to attend.

Think about the comment Bill Clinton recently made, where he said Sanders supporters would ‘shoot every third person on Wall Street.’ In spite of the fact that Bernie has declared himself a Democratic Socialist, the former president is saying in essence that Sanders is creating a Fascist movement of thugs ready to commit mass murder. (Bill obviously doesn’t like public protests against the establishment, of which he is a part. Bill, whatever happened to free speech?)

These comments are of course designed to finish Bernie off in the New York primaries. And what did Bernie do? He gave his honest opinion that Israel’s foreign policy is not perfect. It doesn’t change his conviction that our country must help protect Israel against any attack by its neighbors. (Unlike the Clintons, he spent six months working on a kibbutz.)

Bernie has shown by the word disproportionate that he would rather risk losing the race for the nomination rather than compromising his ideals. He is for a peaceful solution in the Middle East, but it must be predicated on the right of Palestinians to have a separate state. Because he doesn’t resort to dirty tactics when it comes to politics, and he says what he believes, millions of Americans appreciate his honesty and support his candidacy.

Bob Serody is a member of Space Coast Progressive Alliance

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