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Saturday, 06 February 2016 13:44

Crisafulli, Gardiner steal from Amendment 1, again!

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Posted February 6, 2016
Money + Politics, Florida legislature and Amendment One.

Amendment 1 money misuse is repeat performance by Republican-dominated legislature. 'Swindlers' Crisafulli and Gardiner, House and Senate steal from Amendment 1 -- again.
Last year's lawsuit against legislature still continues, not yet settled.
-- SCPA Editor.


TCPalm reports:

House, Senate again budget Amendment 1 money for operating expenses

By Isadora Rangel, TCPalm, Jan. 29,2016

The Legislature hasn't changed its mind on how to use land and water conservation money, despite cries from conservation groups that Amendment 1 not be used for routine expenses as it was last year.

Budget proposals released by the House and Senate Friday show about $200 million from Amendment 1 going into salaries, benefits, insurance costs and vehicle purchases. The Legislature's use of the money from the voter-approved measure for such purposes last session is the target of two lawsuits filed by environmental groups, who say lawmakers violated the law. …

Ed. note: TCPalm news media is based in Indian River County, and is a strong advocate for restoration of the Indian River Lagoon.


Judge rejects attempts by Florida Legislature to dismiss lawsuit against them over Amendment 1

By Mary Ellen Klas, Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau, Published Bradenton Herald Dec. 4, 2015

A Tallahassee judge on Thursday (Dec. 3, 2015) rejected attempts by the Florida Legislature to dismiss a lawsuit accusing lawmakers of violating the constitution by misspending $237 million in money in Amendment 1 funds intended for water and land conservation.

Leon County Circuit Court Judge George Reynolds ruled from the bench that the lawsuit filed by the the Florida Wildlife Federation, the St. Johns Riverkeeper, the Environmental Confederation of Southwest Florida and the Sierra Club could continue.

But he dismissed a second prong of their complaint which attempted to have the court compel Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater to shift funds from the general revenue fund into the Land Acquisition Trust Fund to replace the errant spending. …

… Guest said they would work on developing that as the case progresses.
“The voters intent was clear,’’ he said. “What the Legislature did just simply cannot be matched with what the voters intended.”

A second lawsuit was filed last month by Gainesville-based Florida Defenders of the Environment which is taking a different approach by asking the court to block four state agencies from spending the money intended for land and water preservation – DEP, the Department of State, DACS and FWC in the current fiscal year.

The proponents of Amendment 1 had proposed last session that the Legislature allocate $60 million of the documentary stamp proceeds to restore natural springs and $155 million go to the Florida Forever program. But lawmakers set aside only $38.5 million for springs and $15 million for Florida Forever.



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