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Tuesday, 04 August 2015 18:32

The real impact of climate change

Written by  Tampa Bay Times Editorial

Posted August 4, 2015
Climate Change, cont'd.

Editorial: The real impact of climate change
Tampa Bay Times, July 29, 2015
An alarming new report puts the impact of climate change in the stark terms that many skeptics might appreciate. By mid century, the study found, tens of billions of dollars worth of property could be below sea level, while rising temperatures could devastate agricultural crops and spawn heat waves that force workers indoors and put the poor, sick and elderly at risk of medical emergencies. These findings should be a wake-up call to Gov. Rick Scott and other Florida leaders to change direction and shore up the state's defenses.

The report by a bipartisan group of leaders in politics and business, including former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz and former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, seeks for the first time to quantify the financial impact of climate change across every region of the country. Its purpose is to try to bridge the partisan debate over global warming by framing in clear financial terms the risks of inaction to property, industry and public health.

In the short term, the report estimates, higher sea levels caused by warming likely will increase the annual cost of storms along the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico by up to $3.5 billion. Crop yields in the South and Midwest could drop 10 percent, while new demands for cooling systems could cost homeowners and businesses up to an additional $12 billion per year. ...



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