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Wednesday, 22 July 2015 12:08

Cuba roundup

Written by  Reuters, Democracy Now! + Politico

Posted July 22, 2015
Compiled Cuba news roundup

Cuba opens Washington embassy, urges end to embargo

REUTERS, by Matt Spetalnick, July 20, 2015

The Cuban flag was raised over Havana’s embassy in Washington on Monday for the first time in 54 years as the United States and Cuba formally restored relations, opening a new chapter of engagement between the former Cold War foes.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez presided over the reinauguration of the embassy, a milestone in the diplomatic thaw that began with an announcement by U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro on Dec. 17.


[SCPA Editor note: Wouldn't you know the Party of No doesn't want appointment of U.S. ambassador to Cuba.]

Barack Obama could duck fight over U.S. ambassador to Cuba

Politico, by Nahal Toosi, May 21, 2015

President Barack Obama may be able to quickly remove Cuba from the state sponsors of terrorism list, restore some trade with the communist-led island and even establish a U.S. Embassy in Havana. But when it comes to appointing an ambassador to Cuba, at least one top Democrat says the president should bide his time.

Ambassadors require Senate confirmation and a nomination could trigger a potentially bitter fight with 2016 overtones: Two of the senators most opposed to Obama’s rapprochement with Cuba — Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz — are running for president. It’s also an unnecessary battle, some argue, because the U.S. mission in Havana can be run without an official ambassador, and the lead American envoy there now is well-regarded. ...


A Victory for the People in Havana: Former Cuban Parliamentary Speaker Hails Restoration of Ties

Democracy Now! Tues. July 21, 2015 broadcast

AMY GOODMAN: Cuba was just taken off the list of terrorist nations in the United States. How does that feel, not to be considered a terrorist anymore?

RICARDO ALARCÓN, former speaker of the Cuban National Assembly: Frankly speaking, you had asked Nelson Mandela how did he feel about being in that list. Mandela was considered a terrorist probably for a longer period of time. His entire life, when he was in prison, when he got out of prison, when he was elected president of South Africa, when he got the Nobel Peace Prize, he was on the list of the State Department list of terrorists. …


Is the Era of U.S.-Backed Anti-Castro Terrorism Over? Reflections on Restored Ties Between Nations

Democracy Now! Tues. July 21, 2015 broadcast

MICHAEL SMITH, co-author of 'Who Killed Che?: How the CIA Got Away with Murder": … Last year, the Panamanians, which is not a left-wing government, told the United States, "Unless you allow Cuba to come to the Summit of Americas, you don’t have to come. We want Cuba." And the United States started thinking, "We’ve got to switch tactics."…

… The United States is still spending $30 million a year trying to subvert the Cuban government. They still illegally are holding Guantánamo. And they still have—and this is the most important thing, because it’s costing Cuban people $1.1 trillion in funds to develop their country—they still have the blockade. So, unless those three things are changed, you’re not going to have a normal situation. ...


Organic Farming Flourishes in Cuba, But Can It Survive Entry of U.S. Agribusiness?

Democracy Now! Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Over the past 25 years, Cuba has built a largely organic farming system out of necessity. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Cuba lost its main supplier of fertilizers and pesticides. What will the changing U.S.-Cuban relationship mean for Cuban farmers? We air a video report from a farm outside Havana…


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