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Monday, 23 February 2015 10:42

What does the public think about Florida's Water?

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Posted Feb. 23, 2015

Florida's Water Problems, cont'd.
This big issue is not going away. It's been ignored too long and huge problems are just ahead that cannot be solved by 'business as usual.' The GOOD NEWS is: people are starting to pay attention! But...


Public Interest Education Center: What does the public think about Florida's water?

The groundwater that Florida so heavily depends upon is being depleted due to high population growth, urban development and the agricultural needs of the state. As one of Florida’s most contentious issues, water conflict is difficult to avoid. The PIE Center revisited the topic for the second year, asking voting-age Floridians about their attitudes, behaviors and experiences with water conservation, quality and quantity.

Survey data on what floridians think about water:

1. Floridians have water on their minds, want to conserve
Eighty-four percent of residents rated water as a highly or extremely important issue in Florida, behind only the economy and healthcare.

2. Floridians would pay more now to guarantee future water supply
Seventy-two percent of Floridians are willing to increase their water bill by 10 percent to protect Florida's water moving forward.

3. Floridians would sacrifice their lawns to conserve — to a point
Sixty-four percent of Floridians are willing to conserve water even if their lawn would be less green, but only 42 percent would conserve if it meant the grass would die.

Source: UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education (PIE Center)


Wasting half of our drinking water on the lawn!

See + share this entertaining documentary film Gimme Green -- which ridicules our foolish and costly obsession with residential grass lawns and discloses the harmful poisons involved in lawn care. See it free online courtesy of Jellyfish Smack Productions filmmakers.



In case you missed this last year...

Florida's water woes are seen as urgent — except in the House (w/video)
Tampa Bay Times, by Craig Pitmann, Feb. 28, 2014

… Niagara Bottling's Groveland plant overcame strong opposition to get a permit to boost its pumping from the aquifer from 484,000 gallons a day to 910,000 gallons. The Adena Springs Ranch near Silver Springs has faced similar opposition to its request for a permit to pump 5.3 million gallons daily for its proposed cattle operation.

Meanwhile, a coalition of five of Central Florida's fastest-growing counties have proposed slaking their future thirst by pumping 150 million gallons per day from the St. Johns River. The proposal has proven controversial, with critics pointing out that the St. Johns is already suffering a loss of flow as well as dealing with pollution-fueled algae blooms. ...

Compiled by Team SCPA


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