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Friday, 15 August 2014 12:07

Phone Calls + Mailings

Written by  Judy McCluney and Team SCPA


Phone Calls from 'The Conservatives' and mail from 'All Aboard Florida'

By Judy McCluney, August 14, 2014


If you have been getting calls as I have from “The Conservatives” and “American Guard” purporting to represent Charlie Crist’s views, please be aware that this is part of a Republican smear campaign.

They are taking out of context statements Crist made six and more years ago before he became a Democrat. That is why they are presenting old statements by him saying he is a “Reagan republican” and is for a “traditional marriage” amendment etc.

Since then Crist, and all of us, have come a long way.

Even when Crist was a Republican he was a good leader, and did more to protect the environment by taking actions against permit violators and keeping a well-staffed FL EPA -- the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) -- and made more consumer-friendly appointments to the Public Service Commission (PSC), and kept reasonable funding to water management districts -- and I think he maintained reasonable funding to school districts.

Don’t fall for this dirty tricks campaign. Consider Crist's current positions v. Rick Scott’s positions. And pass the word about this to Dems. who may be affected by these tactics.

As for “All Aboard Florida,” we’ve also been getting fancy mailings by something called “Connecting Florida – a citizen support group.” 

The mailing claims All Aboard Florida is funded without taxpayer grants, subsidies, will take three million cars off the road per year, create “thousands” of new jobs and create $6 billion in economic activity. 

Gov. Scott: 'All Aboard Florida is a 100 percent private venture. There is no state money involved,' Scott said in a TV interview on June 30.

PolitiFact Florida says Scott's claim is “Mostly False.” 

The main state expenditure is the $214 million that the state is spending on an intermodal station at Orlando airport.

As for the other claims, All Aboard Florida is not disclosing its study to the public. Their train ridership numbers cannot easily be substantiated.

I asked All Aboard Florida to disclose details of their ridership claims, but to no avail. 

Brevard County Commissioner Andy Anderson is reported to have read the All Aboard Florida study some months ago, following which he concluded they must have been “smoking something”  when the study was made. 

For citizens along the proposed All Aboard Florida route, the main outcomes are likely to be more dangerous traffic and trains -- and expenses.

Locally I don’t know where we’re going with all this, but I think we’re being taken for a ride.



Does the All Aboard Florida rail project get taxpayer funding?
By Amy Sherman, PoliticFact, August 8, 2014


Anderson to All Aboard Florida: '…quit smoking crack…'
By Dave Berman, Florida Today, May 28, 2014

County Commissioner Andy Anderson pulled no punches when he told a railroad official what he thought about a study promoting the positive economic impact to Brevard County from the proposed All Aboard Florida passenger train service.

He said the conclusions of the study that the construction project would create more than 1,400 jobs in Brevard County for two years "is probably the closest thing to Fantasyland at Disney that I have ever seen in my life." ...



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