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Saturday, 02 August 2014 10:10

Judge: Redraw districts by Aug. 15

Written by  Tampa Bay Times, Miami Herald and others

FL Judge orders two districts to be redrawn by Aug. 15

Miami Herald + Tampa Bay Times, by Mary Ellen Klas, Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau, August 1, 2014

TALLAHASSEE -- Florida’s congressional elections were thrown into chaos Friday as a Tallahassee court judge ordered the state Legislature to redraw the boundaries of two congressional districts by Aug. 15 and said he will consider calling a special election later this year for all districts affected by the change.

The ruling, by Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis, sent new tremors throughout a state accustomed to election-year confusion and came a day after U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told Gov. Rick Scott that he was carefully monitoring Florida’s compliance with federal election laws.

Last month, Lewis declared two of Florida’s 27 congressional districts invalid, ruling that the seats held by U.S. Reps. Corrine Brown, D-Jacksonville, and Dan Webster, R-Winter Garden, were drawn to benefit Republicans and were in violation of the Fair District rules approved by voters in 2010. ...

MORE from Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald correspondent based in Tallahasee:



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