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Monday, 12 May 2014 15:28

Jesus Wants Medicaid in FL

Written by  Jerry Beck

Jesus Wants Florida to Expand Medicaid

By Jerry Beck

Our governor hates the Affordable Care Act. He especially hates the rule that went into effect on January 1, 2010. This requires that at least $ 0.80 of every $1.00 collected by health insurance providers be spent on actual health care. This was an especially bitter pill to swallow for Florida health insurance executives.
They had provided $ 0.65 for health care and kept $ 0.35 for administrative costs for many years. These costs included: outrageous executive salaries, bonuses, golden handshakes, expense accounts, corporate jets, fancy buildings, business trips, conventions, and lots of lawyer fees. The lawyers were needed to write fine print exceptions to deny claims from customers who needed expensive procedures.
The governor sent a letter to President Barack Obama begging for a waiver to delay this rule for 3 years. It would just be too difficult to make this change. His request was denied. Since 2010, millions of $ have been refunded to Florida health insurance customers from companies who continued to violate this rule.
Billions of $ have been spent trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act. Don’t think for a second that this is to protect you from the government. It is obviously to protect health insurance executives and big stock holders from having to take a pay cut. Where do you think all this money is coming from?
The Affordable Care Act has been called a government-run insurance company. It is not. It is a set of rules that prevent health insurance companies from cheating their customers.
There is one government-run insurance company. Everyone loves it. Medicare provides good health care at a reasonable price if you are still alive at age 65. Most workers contribute some $ from every paycheck. Part A is free. Part B costs about $100 per month. This program delivers $0.92 health care for each $1.00 collected. Only $0.08 is needed for administrative costs. I guess they don’t need: outrageous executive salaries, bonuses, golden handshakes, expense accounts, corporate jets, fancy buildings, business trips, conventions, and lots of lawyer fees.
Years ago I spent some time in Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean. Our vehicle broke down and a nice middle age couple gave assistance. They were from the Netherlands. I asked about their country health care system. They said all people have free health care with excellent providers. I asked “How do you pay for that?” They said they are successful and pay the top income tax of 61%. I said “How do you feel about that?” They said they were happy to share their good fortune. “We love our country men and women. No one is left out. Our young people have free health care to help with child birth. We can’t understand why USA businesses make huge profits while preventing many poor people from receiving health care. It’s a sin that many Americans go bankrupt because they needed health care. ”
In 2001, I was invited to join a youth soccer trip to England. I contacted my Blue Cross / Blue Shield provider and asked what hospitals in England would take my insurance. She checked. There were only two in all of England. She said “Don’t worry. They have universal health care. Just go to any doctor or hospital. It is free even if you are a guest in the country!”    
The Affordable Care Act offers an expansion of Medicaid to provide health insurance to more people who have low incomes. The Federal Government will pay most of this cost. These are real people who could receive preventive and needed health care. Many young people could qualify. A lot of people who worked for many years lost their good jobs during the recession. They could qualify. Low income people without children are prevented from receiving Medicaid by Florida. They could qualify.
Who among you would deny them health care? Republican governors across the land do! The Republican congress has voted over 50 times to destroy the Affordable Care Act. The Florida legislature has again refused to accept billions of $ in federal money to help their citizens.
I imagine baby Jesus is crying in his cradle in heaven. It must make him so sad to see politicians work so hard to prevent needy people from having access to health care.
I have some advice for those who pray that President Barack Obama be removed from office, the Affordable Care Act be repealed, and Florida never accept free money to expand Medicaid and help the less fortunate:
The next time you are in church, take a deep breath. Release your anger for 10 minutes. Spend that time trying to figure out the correct answer to this question: WHAT WOULD JESUS DO ???

The only thing necessary for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. Please take action to help expand Medicaid and help the less fortunate.

By Jerry Beck
Cape Canaveral, Florida
Sunday, May 11, 2014
Mothers Day

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