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Sunday, 04 May 2014 08:24

Lagoon update: Palm Bay fertilizer ordinance

Written by  Linda Behret

Palm Bay Fertilizer Ordinance
by Linda Behret
May 3, 2014

On Thursday evening, May 1, 2014, Palm Bay City Council passed--unanimously--a strong Fertilizer Ordinance, including a summer rainy season ban on nitrogen.

This was the third time Palm Bay had a first reading on a fertilizer ordinance. At the previous two hearings, Council members Michele Paccione and Ken Greene had favored a strong ordinance, but it was voted down by the other three council members.

Going into this meeting, the ordinance in the agenda packet did not have a summer rainy season ban, so some of us came to the meeting prepared to speak to that omission.

When it was time to discuss the fertilizer ordinance, Councilwoman Kristine Iznardi made a motion for the ordinance, amended to include a summer rainy season ban on nitrogen, that would run from June 1 to September 30 each year. She thanked Clyde Giesenschlag and his wife Peggy for educating her on this subject. It looked like a strong ordinance would be passed 3-2.

Then Councilman Harry Santiago spoke favorably about a strong ordinance with a rainy season ban. Could it be that the final vote would be 4-1?

Then it was the mayorʼs turn to speak. Mayor Capote spoke against the rainy season ban, and said he would have no hesitation about calling this item back at a later meeting if it looks like the ban wasnʼt working. The only problem (for him) was that in order to do that, he would have to vote yes on it now. And so the measure passed 5-0.

Special thanks to Council Members Ken Greene and Michele for their support all along for a strong Fertilizer Ordinance with a summer rainy season ban, which finally was passed Thursday May 1!

Linda Behret is past-president of Turtle Coast Sierra Club.


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