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Saturday, 15 March 2014 05:33

Last Call at the Oasis

Written by  Team SCPA

Updated April 4, 2014 at 5:35pm

Show and share Last Call at the Oasis and Gimme Green.


See and share this important film! Purchase the film on Amazon for less that $25. See links below. Arrange showings for friends and neighbors, show it at community libraries, club meetings, church groups.

In Florida, more than half of our drinking water goes to watering the lawn. Meanwhile, water flow from the springs of north Florida is dropping. Some say, at present rates, in twenty-five years those springs will cease to flow. Meanwhile, St. Johns Water Mgt District continues to issue permits to withdraw millions of gallons daily from the St. Johns. And the Florida legislature continues to make it easy to get added water permits and difficult to do anything about it.

Clearly, what we are doing in Florida is not sustainable.

You can change attitudes in your neighborhood.

SEE LINK and info below -- including Gimme Green, a hilarious look at our wasteful and -- ridiculous? -- obsession with lawns, wasting water and use of deadly lawn chemicals.

Bob Serody film review:

Film trailer, Last Call at the Oasis

Find out more about the global water crisis.

Amazon, Last Call at the Oasis:

Gimme Green -- Award-winning film documentary, ridicules our (foolish) obsession with grass lawns, reveals wasting water and deadly lawn chemicals:


6:30pm Thursday, April 3 (film was shown at 1st Thursday)

Documentary Film: Last Call at the Oasis

Focuses on world crisis in water supply, which is looming in Florida, too. Firmly establishing the urgency of the global water crisis as the central issue facing our world this century, this documentary illuminates the vital role water plays in our lives, exposes the defects in the current system and shows communities already struggling with its ill-effects.

Front Street Civic Center, 2205 Front Street, downtown Melbourne FL 32901

Free and open to the public

OPEN MIKE OPPORTUNITY for this program: Got something to say about water crisis in Florida? We invite proposals for short, informative 3-min. presentations followed by 2 min. Q+A. Three good proposals will be selected. Want to speak up about Florida water? Click here.

*OPEN MIKE NITE AT EACH 1st or 2nd Thursday program! We expect to offer a few open opportunities to speak for 3 minutes on a subject related to the program topic at each monthly program -- look for it. You may want to speak up!



Film Review by Bob Serody, Space Coast Progressive Alliance


We have a heavy hand in what is happening. We are poisoning the water with chemicals and human waste. In Brevard County, Florida, we are wasting water with lawn maintenance, and poisoning our lagoon with chemicals and septic seepage. This film will revisit Erin Brockovich and the town of Hinkley, California. It will also teach us about the meaning of CAFO, which stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, and it will look at bottled water, which has become a replacement for unfiltered water in the big cities. It will describe how population growth is straining our natural resources to the breaking point. Consider the population of Irvine, California, 211,000 people, being added to our country’s population every day.

Less than 1% of the Earth is fresh water, and we are exceeding the capacity of the Earth for self-renewal. Man-made climate change is another consequence of our impact on the environment. Albert Einstein pointed out that 'Those who have the privilege to know also have the responsibility to act.' Seeing this film is a first step in fulfilling our responsibility to act.



Film trailer, Last Call at the Oasis
Click here:


Find out more about the global water crisis. 
Click here:


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