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Saturday, 08 March 2014 18:49

Space Coast Rally Rocks Cocoa!

Written by  Phil Stasik

Awake The State -- Space Coast Rally Rocks Cocoa!

By Phil Stasik, Space Coast Progressive Alliance
March 8, 2014

The “Awake The State” movement started as a grass roots effort four years ago, as many of us were shocked by the election of Rick Scott as our state’s Governor. The movement’s founders understood that many Floridians did not know who Rick Scott really is, or who their legislators are, much less what they’re doing to us!

Ignorance is not bliss. What we don’t know, CAN hurt us! That’s why we want to awaken our friends and neighbors to the actions of our Governor and his allies in the Legislature. If you’re reading this, I probably don’t need to remind you that these folks cut $1.3 Billion from Florida Education, blocked the proposed high speed rail project, denied the expansion of Medicaid for poor Floridians, weakened environmental protections, and so much more! While they’ve been doing all of this, they have continued to funnel millions of our dollars to their wealthy friends with impunity.

The average Floridian is ignorant of most of this. That is why we say: Awake!

On March 4th, nearly 50 progressive minded folks converged on the intersection of US-1 and SR-520 in Cocoa to Awake The State. Our rally was part of a statewide cry that was heard from Key West to Pensacola. This was really a diverse crowd of young and old, rich and poor, workers and retirees alike. Our common goal was to express our outrage at the abuse that Florida has suffered at the hands of our failed state leaders.

This is a busy spot. Thousands of passing motorists were treated to smiling and waiving neighbors, armed with creative signs and a sea of American flags. This was a lot of fun! If you couldn’t make it, I wish that you could have seen their faces as they drove by -- many honking and waving in support!

In the middle of the rally, we took a break to hear some motivation words from Mike Orlando, of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, and Laura Fausone, President of the Brevard County Chapter of the National Organization of Women. This was also a great chance to get some pictures of our group, and then it was time to get back to the curb with fresh enthusiasm.

Our two-hour rally seemed to fly by. As the Sun set in the west, we headed home, knowing that our job was done. Many folks would now have something to talk about over the dinner table. If only a few of them register to vote, or read about the Florida Legislature’s latest misdeeds -- we will have been successful.

I must thank Shannon Roberts, Karen Houston, Spence Guerin, and Vicki Impoco of the Space Coast Progressive Alliance. Without their leadership and hard work, this rally would not have happened.

Victory is won, by awakening one voter at a time -- by changing one mind at a time. By our cumulative effort, one day soon -- we will Awake the State!


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