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Saturday, 15 February 2014 19:32

Last Call at the Oasis

Written by  Bob Serody


Film Review
Last Call at the Oasis
By Bob Serody, Space Coast Progressive Alliance

We fondly remember Johnny Cash and his pleasant voice caressing that phrase “Clear… Cool …Water”, and it conjures up a glass of the elixir that many of us take for granted. It gives us a sense of security and balance that this new day will be like any other. After this refreshing taste, we can face all the other problems of the day, including how to cope with those other political and economic problems Robert Reich warned us about in the previous movie, Inequality for All.

In this modern age, where humanity struggles to overcome obstacles, like making a living and enjoying time with our loved ones, there is another more serous problem. Jessica Yu presents us with Last Call at the Oasis, a film that is necessary viewing for anyone who drinks water. The basic message is that, unless we take measures to reverse or slow down the way we waste our most precious resource, life on this planet will face a catastrophe. It not only examines the vital role water plays in our lives, but it also explores the defects of the current system, examines the heart-felt stories of communities currently struggling with the ill effects of that system, and introduces contemporary individuals who, like the ancient prophets, offer us a way to avoid doomsday, which is just around the corner.

This documentary film reveals some startling facts. The largest fresh-water reservoir in the country, Lake Mead, is now only 40% full and, if the lake continues to empty at the present rate, Hoover Dam will stop generating electricity in four years.

Seven western states rely on the Colorado River for water to grow food, carry away their waste, and prop up their population with its resources. The Central Valley in California grows 25% of the food produced in the United States. The word “demise” is heard over and over again in this film − the demise of agriculture, the demise of salmon and other kinds of fish, and of course the eventual demise of the human race. 

We have a heavy hand in what is happening. We are poisoning the water with chemicals and human waste.  In Brevard County, Florida, we are wasting water with lawn maintenance, and poisoning our lagoon with chemicals and septic seepage. This film will revisit Erin Brockovich and the town of Hinkley, California. It will also teach us about the meaning of CAFO, which stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, and it will look at bottled water, which has become a replacement for unfiltered water in the big cities. It will describe how population growth is straining our natural resources to the breaking point. Consider the population of Irvine, California, 211,000 people, being added to our country’s population every day.

Less than 1% of the Earth is fresh water, and we are exceeding the capacity of the Earth for self-renewal. Man-made climate change is another consequence of our impact on the environment. Albert Einstein pointed out that “Those who have the privilege to know also have the responsibility to act.”  Seeing this film is a first step in fulfilling our responsibility to act. 



Last Call at the Oasis is a 2011 documentary film focused on the world's water crisis. Directed and written by Jessica Yu. 

Suggestion: purchase the DVD and show it to friends, arrange public showing at your library.


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