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Sunday, 09 February 2014 10:03

'Gimme Green' talks grass

Written by  Team SCPA

GIMME GREEN, an award winning documentary film

Our society has a harmful fixation on grass lawns, and Gimme Green documents many of the absurdities in an entertaining manner, and has won many awards.

In parts of Florida, more than half the drinking water goes to watering the grass. That will come back to haunt us one day, and that's not far away. The true environmental costs of grass lawns are basically being ignored.

Gimme Green is a superb documentary film about our fixation on grass lawns. Made by students -- guess where -- University of Florida. Winner of many awards.

Lawn Pesticides
Of 30 commonly used lawn pesticides, 19 are linked with cancer or carcinogenicity, 13 are linked with birth defects, 21 with reproductive effects, 26 with liver or kidney damage, 15 with neurotoxicity, and 11 with disruption of the endocrine (hormonal) system.

Detected in Groundwater
Of those same 30 lawn pesticides, 17 are detected in groundwater, 23 have the ability to leach into drinking water sources, 24 are toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms vital to our ecosystem, 11 are toxic to bees, and 16 are toxic to birds. Source: Gimme Green.

Be see to see, share, and show this important and most relevant documentary film Gimme Green.

Purchase from Amazon for $15. Show it to friends and neighbors, arrange a neighborhood showing at your local library, your church, and other groups. 

Purchase from Amazon:

Gimme Green:


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compiled by Team SCPA


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